Manage first aid in emergency situations, includes NZQA unit standards 6401, 6402, 6400.

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People completing this course are able to manage first aid in emergency situations.  This course is designed to motivate and train anyone to be the first responder and to provide immediate first aid assistance in any situation.  Attendees are trained to a high standard of patient care with both instructor and peer assessment throughout the course.


Assessment of emergency situations, Adult, child and infant CPR, Airway obstruction, Bleeding control, Recovery position, Scene management, Bleeding control, head injuries, shock, fractures, sprains and choking, Hypothermia, burns and poisoning, Medical emergencies (includes asthma, diabetes and epilepsy), Management of complex medical and traumatic emergency situations. This course can be tailored to your needs and delivered in-house for your group.  Just let us know and we will have one of our expert First Aid trainers contact you to arrange the details.