X Factor Plus Level 1

All students who complete X–Factor Plus Level 1 with us will grow in confidence by gaining knowledge in real workplace rules and expectations of wellness, behaviour and timeliness along with Health & Safety. 22 credits, NCEA level 1.

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Add to that skills on dealing with discrimination and understanding the impact drugs and alcohol can have, X-Factor Plus Level 1 will set participants up with a great tool kit of essential knowledge for study, work and life.

NZQA unit 1978 Basic employment rights and responsibilities

NZQA unit 4248 Requirements and expectations faced by employees within the workplace

NZQA unit 4249 Describe care and timeliness as an employee

NZQA unit 12349 Demonstrate knowledge of time management

NZQA unit 497 Workplace health and safety requirements

NZQA unit 542 Describe discrimination under the Human Rights Act 1993 and describe ways of responding to it

NZQA unit 496 Manage personal wellbeing

NZQA unit 548 The impact of alcohol and other drugs