EER Report


  • Youth Development

  • Leadership 101

    2 Days
    Everyone thrives on feedback - good and bad, listening actively and the exciting reading of non-verbal communication mixed with challenging team activities will see leadership skills develop in this fast paced, action packed two day course. NCEA Level 3, 9 Credits. The units are from the First Line Management strand and are designed for learners who are using and or will use leadership skills in their school or workplace, so is perfect for high achieving year 13 students.
  • Sally's Adventure Park 2 Days

    2 days
    A 7 credit, NCEA level 2 programme; Learn about team work, diversity in the workplace and customer service through 2 days of role-playing fun and physical activity. You'll even get to design your own hotel! Sally's Adventure Park really is an adventure.
  • Sally's Adventure Park 3 Days

    3 Days
    This 3 day, 10 credit NCEA level 2 programme extends the core Sally's Adventure Park programme to include problem solving skills and has participants focusing on where they are going by producing a plan for their own future directions. A fun and interactive way to get focused and ready for the year ahead.

    COA Mandatory Training for crowd controllers, personal guards, property guards. Includes NZQA unit standards 27364, 27360, 27361.
  • Wonderful World of Retail L2

    2 Days
    This all takes place at Seaside Sally’s, our simulated ‘world famous seaside shop’. Many students work in part time roles, or aspire to a career in a customer service or retail role. This course teaches valuable retail skills and Seaside Sally’s shop is amazing fun! NCEA level 2, 8 credits.
  • Wonderful World of Retail L3

    2 days
    Another hands-on, practical course full of role play and fun. This program takes students to the next level in customer service - teaching them the value of product knowledge and how to use this to increase their sales. NCEA level 3, 8 credits.
  • X Factor Plus Level 1

    5 Days
    All students who complete X–Factor Plus Level 1 with us will grow in confidence by gaining knowledge in real workplace rules and expectations of wellness, behaviour and timeliness along with Health & Safety. 22 credits, NCEA level 1.
  • X Factor Plus Level 3

    5 days
    "Must have" communication skills for Leaders. All participants who complete X Factor with us will grow in confidence; enjoy challenges like speaking to groups and giving feedback even in tough situations. A 5 day programme designed for young people getting ready for work. NCEA Level 3, 22 credits.
  • Self Paced

  • SELF PACED - Basic Food Safety

    Self Paced
    Essential training for all food handlers Food handling and hygiene Council approved Meets requirements of Food Act 2014 NZQA unit standards 167 or 20666 available.
  • SELF PACED - NZQA 20666

    Self Paced
    If you are not currently in a workplace, our Basic Food Safety certificate is the best option, or NZQA unit 20666.

Very welcoming environment and very straight forward, information was relevant, and the tutor was very informative. Been a great experience and I left with confidence.