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In addition, we offer other amazing fun-filled courses. Our main focus is
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Corporate Feedback Summary Report 2020


Feedbacks collated 90.5% of all students who attended courses in 2020

Students’ assessments of our services in 2020;

Course material is relevant, 96 % agreed

Presentation and course delivery was of high standard, 96% agreed

The course kept my interest, 95% agreed

The presenters’ style of teaching was engaging, inclusive and appropriate to the subject, 97% agreed

Were left feeling well informed and more secure that you can meet the requirements of the Act or regulations associated with the subject, 96% agreed

Would recommend us to others 97% said yes, they would

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Schools Feedback Summary 2020

Collated feedback returned from 95% of all school students



95% of students said their tutors made learning enjoyable…


98% achievement rate for Maori and Pasifika students


98% achievement rate overall

Simple and fun tasks helped us better understand and learn everything in the course.”

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We offer correspondence courses to students located anywhere in New Zealand.