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New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) uses external evaluation and review (EER) to review the current quality of performance within tertiary education organisations (TEOs). After each EER, a report is published. Below is a summary of results from our report.

There is a shared philosophy and belief across the organisation about meeting the most important needs of learners and the community. Proactive management and expert staff ensure achievement at ITS is robust across the many different programmes offered, forming graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitude to best fit their role in the community.

NZQA are Highly Confident in educational performance.

NZQA are Highly Confident in capability in self assessment.

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Corporate Feedback Summary Report 2020


Feedbacks collated 90.5% of all students who attended courses in 2020

Students’ assessments of our services in 2020;

Course material is relevant, 96 % agreed

Presentation and course delivery was of high standard, 96% agreed

The course kept my interest, 95% agreed

The presenters’ style of teaching was engaging, inclusive and appropriate to the subject, 97% agreed

Were left feeling well informed and more secure that you can meet the requirements of the Act or regulations associated with the subject, 96% agreed

Would recommend us to others 97% said yes, they would

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Schools Feedback Summary 2020

Collated feedback returned from 95% of all school students



95% of students said their tutors made learning enjoyable…


98% achievement rate for Maori and Pasifika students


98% achievement rate overall

Simple and fun tasks helped us better understand and learn everything in the course.”

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