About ITS

Established in 2001, we set out on a mission.

To deliver quality training to industry and the wider community. Do what we do, do well.

Our mission is simple: To deliver quality training.

Founded from our view of needing a better level of service and hospitality training in New Zealand. We aren’t about ticking boxes, we are here to change that. Not only do we want to spread good service, but we also want to offer meaningful solutions and leaving long lasting impressions. For that reason, we designed a unique style of learning that allows our students to gain practical knowledge in the areas we are teaching. In addition, we are determined to focus on the success of all of our students at any level. That’s what makes us so special compared to every other training provider.

Committed to our customers

We are committed to helping local businesses and organisations to operate at a high standard. That’s because, at our core, we believe every business has the right to exceptional service. This is why we enjoy inspiring how to learn and grow. We build long-lasting relationships gaining the trust of business owners and organisations across New Zealand. We will continue to provide our partners with a lifetime of service.

Reinforcing our beliefs

This reinforces our mantra, “do what we do, do well.” This is the backbone of our brand. It’s a reminder that we offer remarkable courses, that are different from the rest. In response to employers and organisations identifying a shortage of work ready school leavers, we started working with schools, offering them unique courses tailored to the needs of employers. We believe that it is important for school students to start learning ‘soft skills’. Especially in areas such as leadership, customer service and effective communication. That’s why we develop special courses specifically for schools. Because we are inspired to make the next step towards helping youth become work ready.

Continued development of our brand

Our brand continues to lead the training market with superior training. In fact, we launched innovative programs just for youth development. That’s because we recognised a gap in youth learning. This shows formal education just doesn’t work for everyone, which is why we re-purposed our unique training style to create a better learning experience. It’s time for us to give back to the community. We want our youth to become motivated about life and prepare them for the workforce.

What we do to change lives

This is our opportunity to take 20 years’ worth of experience and create a learning journey that isn’t just about getting youth into employment. As a result, we change everyone’s lives for the better.

After two decades of service, our vision is very clear. There’s little knowing where the future takes us. However, we know for certain that we will continue to deliver on our promise of quality training.