Welcome to Allsorts Centre!
Poppy and David’s dream of having an inclusive, safe place for Autistic, disabled and other neuro diverse communities to come be welcome and enjoy is here – at Allsorts. Palmerston Norths safe place for all sorts of people to do all sorts of things.
Eat, Shop, Learn, Play, Hangout with Buddies.


Come on down to Allsorts Cafe at the heart of Main Street and enjoy a beautiful La Vita coffee or a tea from our Charity Tea range and pair it with something delicious from our cabinet. Our friendly team will look after you and your friends.

If you have any questions give us a call:
0800 ITS YUM (0800 487 986) or email allsorts@its.ac.nz

Community Activities

Mindcraft Club

Puzzle Club

Rooms for Hire

Daphne Akomanga

Vida May Akomanga

Hiringa Akomanga

Supporting local business