Barista and Coffee Essentials Courses

Want to learn how to make a great tasting coffee in a day? Come see us. No experience needed, we will teach you how to use an espresso machine. One day fun day course with prices starting from $175.

Barista Basics

Come and learn how to make an enjoyable drinkable coffee in one day. Very hands on and a lot of fun, no experience required. If your simply looking for a good coffee then come and learn with us.

1 Day workshop

Coffee Essentials

This practical course covers unit standards about basic coffee methods and techniques. Topics covered are: espresso beverages, pressed and filtered coffee, brewing, machinery and equipment and serving. Over the two days you will complete both theory and practical assessments for all three units, with plenty of time allowed for learning and practice on the espresso machines and with the filter and coffee press equipment.

2 Day workshop