Security Mandatory Training (COA)


Once you have enrolled online, you then attend the 2 Day workshop where your trainers will bring your project to life for you, and teach you all the practical side of the course.


If you have completed the National Certificate in Security level 2 version 8, or are currently working towards this and have completed the three unit standards, you will meet the requirements.  Those who have completed levels 2 and 3 previously are exempt from 27364 but no-one is exempt from the two conflict management unit standards.


From October 1st 2013 guards who apply for a COA must complete the regulatory training before they can be issued with a full individual licence or a COA.  However a temporary COA can be issued while the training is being completed.  Temporary COAs are valid for 3 months only.  To apply for your COA licence please visit the PSPLA website.

NZQA units covered

NZQA unit 27360 v1 level 2
Demonstrate knowledge of
managing conflict situations in
a security context

NZQA unit 27361 v1 level 3
Manage conflict situations in a security context

NZQA unit 27364 v1 level 2
Demonstrate knowledge of the security industry in a
pre-employment context


*Pre Course Project to be completed Prior to Course.