Hospo Service Star


A must-have for anyone wanting to work in the hospitality and service industries – part time or as a career.


Learn about drug classifications, offences and penalties while also being a responsible host as well as maintaining a responsible drinking environment. You will also learn how to recognise the signs that someone may be impaired and putting their workplace safety at risk. Use positive Host Responsibility rules to know how this can not only affect the individual as an employee, but also the community.

NZQA units covered

14 Level 3 Credits!
NZQA 21853 L 3 Cr 5 Provide hospitality sales and service opportunities to customers
NZQA 14420 L 3 Cr 3 Demonstrate knowledge of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
NZQA 4645 L 3 Cr 2 - Demonstrate knowledge of maintaining a responsible drinking environment as a server in a licensed premise
NZQA 22316 L 3 Cr 4 - Demonstrate knowledge of the management of drug and alcohol-related problems in the workplace