Workplace communication and confidence


The best 3 days of summer! Get great communication and confidence for work and life!

3 days, 09:00 AM - 03:15 PM

Hamilton, Waikato Campus

  • $299.99 incl. GST


Let’s break down the barriers that prevent the greatest of opportunities. Its hands on, there is nowhere to hide, and it changes lives – truly inspirational for all young people. Get the confidence and skills to listen to more than words and give the feedback required to maintain a positive team.

NZQA units covered

12 Credits Level 3

NZQA 9705 L3 Cr 3 Give feedback on performance in the workplace          

NZQA 11097 L3 Cr 3 Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation        

NZQA 9681 L3 Cr 3 Contribute within a team or group which has an objective              

NZQA 1312 L3 Cr 3 Give oral instruction in the workplace