In-Work Skills


Learn skills related to listening, communicating, and being a great leader!

Complete at your own pace (Self-paced)

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Work as a team to become a better listener and communicator. and gain skills to be a great leader. Understand how to give feedback to people you work with, communicate, and collaborate in a team and understand why a good night's sleep is important. 

NZQA units covered

NZQA 9705 L3 Cr 3 Give feedback on performance in the workplace

NZQA 11097 L3 Cr 3 Listen actively to gain information in an interactive situation

NZQA 9681 L3 Cr 3 Contribute within a group or team which has an objective

NZQA 21337 L3 Cr 2 Demonstrate knowledge of sleep and sleep management in relation to work performance