Licence Controller Qualification Courses

The LCQ is the required qualification to apply for a managers certificate to be a certified manager of a licenced premise. This is the course to do to get the LCQ Certificate.

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Licence Controller Qualification

This course covers all the training, NZQA Units 4646 & 16705 and we will order your LCQ Certificate from ServiceIQ so you can apply for a Manager's Certificate.Our tutors are fabulous and bring the subject alive in a creative fun way - you'll love learning with us - IT'S fun! Check out course options on menu above. You will complete your assessment on the day - that and your pre course study is all you need to do. There is also a Correspondence option you will find more info on the Correspondence menu.

1 Day workshop

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$269 Beginners Package

Full Training and After Course Support

$269 is for People new to the industry (Includes ESOL, Low literacy & Re assessments)

Complete Pre-assessment project (PAP) before course.

Fun day course with friendly tutors.

Full support, extra help & free Re assessment if needed

And if you want to come back to have another day learning that’s free too

*$179 Industry Experts Package

$179 Industry expert package is for people working in a licensed premise and training with a duty manager

Fun day course with friendly tutors.

Must complete PAP prior to the course and hand in on arrival

* Conditions

$50 for resit
$50 if PAP not handed in at beginning of class
If fees are unpaid we will not process results
Enter the Promo code “LCQEXPERT” to receive the Industry Expert price of $179.

How Long is the Course

The course is comprised of a self-paced research project, followed by a 1 day workshop.

Pre-course project:

Part one of assessment process. You should allow yourself up to 1 week to research and complete the project – this will depend on your level of industry experience and existing knowledge.


One day, 9am-5pm.  Two further closed book assessments will be completed during the course of the workshop.

Entry Requirements


Students must have the ability to communicate in English to a minimum competency level of Band 5 or higher on the IELTS test.


Previous/existing experience working with the sale of alcohol in a licensed premise.  The Licence Controller Qualification (LCQ) is the required qualification for people who wish to apply for a Manager’s Certificate, which authorises its holder to be a Duty Manager in any licensed premises in NZ.  The knowledge required to achieve this qualification is therefore substantial.  If a candidate does not have existing experience working with the sale of alcohol, they can still achieve the qualification, but may need to return to attend the workshop a second time in order to do so. There are no age restrictions to complete the course, but it should be noted that a person must be of or over the age of 20 in order to apply to the District Licensing Committee for a Manager’s Certificate.


The Nitty Gritty


You can book online at or by phoning customer service on 0800 464 487 or email


We confirm the booking via email. Customers are responsible for checking details and notifying us if alteration is required to initial booking within a week of our course approval email. Please check the details.

.All prices are inclusive of GST.

What if we don’t achieve:

One free resit
$50 for the 2nd time
Must be completed within eight weeks or full price and re-registration required

Cancellation Policy:

No refund for no shows

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Licence Controller Qualification Courses





1 day




* + urgent ServiceIQ cert

This workshop is required training that provides necessary certifications you need in order to apply for a Manager’s Certificate.

NZQA Units Covered

NZQA unit 4646 v10

Demonstrate knowledge of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and its implications for licensed premises

NZQA unit 16705 v6

Demonstrate knowledge of host responsibility requirements as a duty manager of licensed premises.


* For urgent processing of ServiceIQ cert + $35

LCQ Refresher For Managers

LCQ Refresher course for Managers and licencees of licensed premises. It covers your obligations under Sale & Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and how to manage a safe responsible environment for all.

1 day




Host Responsibility

This is an interactive 3-4 hour workshop that reinforces the importance of host responsibility under the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 and teaches the skills and strategies needed to deal with different situations as they arise.

3-4 hrs



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