People Development Courses

The following course options are perfect for anybody who is interested in some professional development or looking for skills to assist in gaining part-time employment whilst completing their studies. These essential but often overlooked skills will help give you the edge in being successful in making your way in the real world.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

This workshop is a journey of discovery. Students are enlightened on how to keep themselves safe at work and what to do if there are other workers with drug and/or alcohol related problems. As this is an area that is now very important under the new legislation, this course will add a valuable qualification to the CVs of your potential workplace leaders, or people going to work in small businesses that may not have policies in place under this area.NZQA unit 22316 Level 3 Credits 4

1 Day

Essential Workplace Communication

Essential Workplace Communication. “Must have” communication skills for leaders. Everyone who completes Essential Workplace Communication with us grows in confidence; you will enjoy challenges like speaking to groups and giving feedback even in tough situations. Your knowledge of communication develops, and you appreciate the importance of asking the right questions and giving appropriate responses in a variety of situations.

5 Day workshop

Essential Workplace Skills

Essential workplace skills. This programme is for anyone who likes fun and interactive learning. Everyone who completes Essential Workplace Skills will be equipped with essential written and oral communication skills and employment law knowledge. This will ensure your transition into a workplace can be completed to standards acceptable to employers. As a result, you will have confidence and feel prepared to enter any industry.

5 Day workshop

Pathway to Employment, Interview Skills and Future Planning

This is a great course for anybody wanting to plan and start preparing to join the workforce. It's hands on, enlightening, motivating and fun! This course will also build your confidence to be able to interview well and make a positive impression. You will learn to sell yourself with confidence! NZQA unit 1294 v7 C2 Be interviewed in a formal interview NZQA unit 10781 v6 C3 Produce a plan for own future directions

2 Day course

Stress Management

Resilience and stress management skills are must have skills in today's busy diverse workplaces. The course will teach you simple ways to grow resilient in the workplace and reduce stress. Learn to recognise symptoms of stress and introduce ways to manage that stress for all staff.

2 Day workshop