People Development Courses

The following course options are perfect for anybody who is interested in some professional development or looking for skills to assist in gaining part-time employment whilst completing their studies. These essential but often overlooked skills will help give you the edge in being successful in making your way in the real world.

Essential Workplace Communication

Essential Workplace Communication. Your knowledge of communication develops, and you appreciate the importance of asking the right questions and giving appropriate responses in a variety of situations.

5 Day workshop

Essential Workplace Skills

Essential workplace skills This programme is for anyone who likes fun and interactive learning.

5 Day workshop

Pathway to Employment

Pathway to Employment - (Interview Skills & Plan your Future) This is a great tool for anybody planning their next steps, whether it is deciding on their university major or preparing to join the workforce.

2 Day workshop

Resilience for Work

Resilience and stress management skills are must have skills in today's busy diverse workplaces.

2 Day workshop