People Development Courses

The following course options are perfect for anybody who is interested in some professional development or looking for skills to assist in gaining part-time employment whilst completing their studies. These essential but often overlooked skills will help give you the edge in being successful in making your way in the real world.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness - L3 4 credits.

This workshop is a journey of discovery. Participants are enlightened on how to keep themselves safe at work and what to do if there are other workers with drug and/or alcohol related problems. As this is an area that is now very important under the new legislation, this course will add a valuable qualification to the CVs of your potential workplace leaders, or people going to work in small businesses that may not have policies in place under this area. NZQA 22316 v6 C4. Hours 8.45am-3.15pm. Cost $190

1 day

Hapai - L3 12 Credits.

This is a new course for 2020 that focuses on some real work-readiness skills. Hāpai - To lift up, support, elevate, to start off on a new journey. Again we use our Seaside Sally’s workplace to set the scene and give the participants a real context to work within. There’s a strong focus on self-management and giving participants an awareness of other factors that can affect how they perform at work. NZQA units 9694 v8 C4, 22316 v6 C4, 21337 v4 C2, 376 v8 C2 = C12. Hours 8:45am-3:15pm. Cost $400

3 Days

Introduction to Customer Service - L2 10 Credits.

Essential training for all employees in any industry in New Zealand, this amazing two-day course builds the confidence to give great service and covers issues such as personal grooming and successful positive communication. Learn the five values of GREAT customer service and be a service star! NZQA Unit 11968 v7 C4, 57 v9 C2, 11941 v7 C2, 28145 v1 C2. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm. Cost $300

2 Days

Introduction to Employment - L2 8 credits.

Wanting to start work? This great 2-day course will help participants get to grips with what to expect when starting a new job. Learners will be taken through how to understand your employment contract, your rights and what you need to know when you become employed. NZQA units 1979 v10 C3, 24871 v4 C2, 7123 v7 C3 = C8. Hours 8:45am-3:15pm. Cost $300

2 days