Schools Feedback Summary 2018

Collated feedback returned from 93% of all school students



Were the assessment questions easy to understand…


Did the practical activities help you understand the subject


Did your Tutor make learning enjoyable

We make it easy for you. We can come to your school and deliver exciting, interactive courses to your whole class. Or if you don’t have the space, your students can come to our venue. We have two permanent campuses in Palmerston North and Hamilton and have regular temporary sites we use across the country.
All our courses can be tailored to suit you and your students’ needs; our School’s team will work with you every step of the way to make sure you have the right product for your students.

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For Special Needs Learner’s Opportunities

Bartenders ABC. L3 11 Credits, $260 + gst

Filled with must-have service industry skills that will give you the edge to work in the hospitality/service industry. Fun, interactive learning gives you real insight into the expectations of the industry and hone your hospitality skills. Make mocktails, learn service and selling skills and the safe, legal serving of alcohol to customers - employers are looking for these skills! NZQA units 21853 v5 C6 4645 v8 C2 14420 v7 C3 = C11 Cost; $260 +gst Hours; 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 days

Basic Food Safety $113.04 + gst

Essential training for all food handlers - this workshop meets the compulsory training requirements of all food handlers under the Food Act 2014, from market stalls, cafes and restaurants to senior living and child care centres. This is a very practical look at the food handler and their responsibilities under the Act. Cost; $89 + gst. Assessment to NZQA unit standards 167 if in a workplace or 20666 is available as an optional add on, $30 each during the registration process. Hours; 9-12.30pm

Half day workshop

Cafe and Retail Skills Level 2 15 credits $550 + gst

Nearly every Café now has Retail, lots of Retail have Café so we have mixed it up. Have fun with interactive learning that gets you working and learning in our mobile "Seaside Sally’s" retail store and café, giving the opportunity to practice and apply new skills. Get ahead and train to demonstrate to employers you are right for the job that you want in the future. NZQA Units 14466 v6 11971 v7 28301 v3 14434 v7 11941 v7 = 15 L2 credits Cost $550 + gst. Call us for group pricing. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

5 Day workshop

Cafe Basics L2 13 Credits $270 + gst

We need huge numbers of people trained to fill the needs of employers. The Hospitality industry is an exciting and rewarding one. Café Basics will give you a real taste of what it is like, and better prepare you for work placements. Successful work placements can be life changing. Like anything – preparation is the key. NZQA units 13281 v6 C2, 28145 v1 C2, 167 v8 C4, 14425 v7 C5 = C13 L2. 2 days $270 + gst. Please call us for group price. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 days

Coffee Essentials L2 8 Credits $270 + gst

This practical course will have you making amazing coffee in two days. Topics covered are: espresso beverages, pressed and filtered coffee, brewing, machinery and equipment, and serving. Over the two days you will complete both theory and practical assessments, with plenty of time allowed for learning and practice on the espresso machines and with the filter and coffee press equipment. NZQA Units 17285 v9 C4, 17286 v8 C2, 17287 v7 C2 = 8 L2 credits Cost; $270 + gst Hours; 9 till 3.00

2 Day workshop

Comprehensive Food Safety $165.22 + gst

Our Comprehensive Food Safety course is very focused on real industry practices and how they relate to the changing regulations of the new food act. Participants will leave the course with a solid understanding of the new law and how it will benefit their workplace. Cost; $165.22 + gst. Includes NZQA u20666 L2, 2 credits & u168 L3, 4 credits. Hours; 9am - 3.30pm

1 day workshop

Drug and Alcohol Awareness L3 4 credits. $145 + gst

This workshop is a journey of discovery. Students are enlightened on how to keep themselves safe at work and what to do if there are other workers with drug and/or alcohol related problems. As this is an area that is now very important under the new legislation, this course will add a valuable qualification to the CVs of your potential workplace leaders, or people going to work in small businesses that may not have policies in place under this area. NZQA unit 22316. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

1 day

Introduction to Customer Service L2 10 Credits $245 + gst

Essential training for all employees in any industry in New Zealand, this amazing two-day course builds the confidence to give great service and covers issues such as personal grooming and successful positive communication. Learn the five values of GREAT customer service and be a service star! NZQA Unit 11968 v7 C4, 57 v9 C2, 11941 v7 C2, 28145 v1 C2. $245 + gst. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 Days

Leadership 101 L3 9 Credits $245 + gst

Everyone thrives on feedback - good and bad. Listening actively and interpreting non-verbal communication with challenging team activities will see leadership skills develop in this fast paced, action packed two day course. The units are from the First Line Management strand and are designed for learners who will use leadership skills in their school or workplace, so is perfect for high achieving Year 13 students. NZQA units 9705 v7 C3, 11097 v5 C3, 9681 v7 C3. Cost $245 + gst. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 Days

Licence Controller Qualification L4 5 credits $233.91 + gst

One day course with pre course work. The LCQ is a much sought after certificate. When students learn about the safe sale and service of alcohol they are more ready to be employed in busy cafes and supermarkets. Students also learn what happens when people drink excessively! Any student can complete this course, there is no age restriction. NZQA unit 4646 v10 L4 C2 and 16705 v6 L4 C3. Hours 9am - 5pm

1 Day

Logistics & Distribution, Warehousing Basics L3 10 Credits $270 + gst

A great introduction to the world of Logistics and Distribution – this interactive programme enables you to visualize what happens during the Supply Chain process, in the context of our own Seaside Sally’s Distribution Centre. By the end of the course you will have a greater understanding of the variety of roles available in the Supply Chain Logistics and Distribution industry. NZQA Unit 28497 v2 C10. Cost $270 + gst. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 Days

Plan your Future and Interview Skills. L2 5 credits, $195.00 + gst

This course builds students’ confidence to be able to interview well and make a positive impression. Action packed with mock interviews, this course achieves maximum results. It's an enlightening process for students as they work through the process of recognising what they want to do in life, researching the budget they will need, and what they need to do to get there. NZQA Units 10781, 1294. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 Day

Retail Detective, Prevent Loss L2 6 Credits $245 + gst

Learn the techniques to identify suspicious dishonest activity in store and what to do to keep safe and prevent financial loss to your business. All staff need to be detectives and help businesses battle the financial loss of theft. A fun practical learning experience that has problem solving, critical thinking and communication skills included. NZQA units 11973 v3 C2, 25796 v2 C4. Cost $245 + gst. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 Days

Wonderful World of Retail L3 8 Credits $245 + gst

Superb hands-on, practical course full of practical activities in our mobile "Seaside Sally's" retail store. Go to the next level in customer service – learn the value of product knowledge and how to use this to increase sales. Employers are looking for these skills! NZQA unit 11818 v6 C2, 11831 v7 C6. Cost; $245 + gst - ask for a group price. Hours; 8.45am - 3.15pm

2 days

X Factor Plus Level 2, 22 credits. $550 + gst

Get work ready. This programme is for anyone who likes fun and interactive learning. Everyone who completes X Factor Plus Level 2 will be equipped with essential written and oral communication skills and employment law knowledge to ensure any transition into a workplace can be completed to standards acceptable to employers. This will grow confidence for any young person preparing to enter any industry. NZQA units 24871, 1979, 7123, 9677, 377, 62, 22316. Hours 8.45am - 3.15pm

5 Days

X Factor Plus Level 3, 21 Credits $550 + gst

"Must have" communication skills for Leaders. All participants who complete X Factor with us will grow in confidence; enjoy challenges like speaking to groups and giving feedback even in tough situations. A 5 day programme designed for young people getting ready for work. NZQA Units 9705 v7 C3, 11097 v5 C3, 9681 v7 C3, 9694 v8 C4, 11818 v6 C2, 11831 v7 C6 - 21 credits. Cost $550 + gst - ask for a group price. Hours; 8.45am - 3.15pm

5 days