We are excited about the huge range of unit standards and courses you can now choose to study, and the ways your students can study. ITS is committed to the continued development and upskilling of our tutors, which contributes to our success.

LIVE Online – brings the tutor to the students without travel and is an excellent option for so many students. These carefully designed courses offer interactive online learning and discussion via Zoom with real Tutors. The students will have ongoing support from our staff as required. Students can join an ITS scheduled course or we run to suit your timetables for a minimum of 10.

Correspondence – paper based or digital, this range continues to grow, so your students can enhance their learning at school by working on extra unit standards at their own pace. Digital products can be downloaded so continual internet connection is not required. They can also be printed, completed and scanned back to us for marking.

Gateway Packages – have been trialled for two years and have been so successful we have them selling to more than Gateway Students. These have been enhanced and are now the Ako Pai range.

Bespoke – we have some schools who run events and manage the Gateway with these events supported by a bespoke assessment package from ITS. Some now have a Level 2 and Level 3 option so everything can be achieved this way and work placements are not distracted by the paperwork requirements in work assessment brings. For many we have collaborated on the learning material and created magic for the students and the school.

Face to face – From our unique style of “hands-on” teaching, students can quickly gain practical skills and knowledge they need to grow their kete. As well as coming to you to deliver any of the courses in this prospectus, we also run a selection of our most popular courses on a regular basis. These are open to all schools and are available for you to book in students on an individual basis – so if you only have one or two students interested in a particular course, this is a great option to have up your sleeve. We have had great feedback from students who have attended these courses, they really enjoy meeting new people and having the opportunity to mix with students from other schools.


New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) uses external evaluation and review (EER) to review the current quality of performance within tertiary education organisations (TEOs). After each EER, a report is published. Below is a summary of results from our report.

There is a shared philosophy and belief across the organisation about meeting the most important needs of learners and the community. Proactive management and expert staff ensure achievement at ITS is robust across the many different programmes offered, forming graduates with the skills, knowledge and attitude to best fit their role in the community.

NZQA are Highly Confident in educational performance.

NZQA are Highly Confident in capability in self assessment.

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Schools Feedback Summary 2020

Collated feedback returned from 95% of all school students



95% of students said their tutors made learning enjoyable…


98% achievement rate for Maori and Pasifika students


98% achievement rate overall