First of all, we are an award winning provider that takes pride in the quality of our training. Because we make sure our tutors are skilled, passionate, caring & lots of fun to be around. As a result, we ensure the highest level of customer care. We offer nationally accredited qualifications across a range of industries to ensure compliance.

We provide the following courses. Compliant basic & comprehensive Food safety training. even more optional unit standards are available 167, 168 & 2066.  Licence Controller courses, barista courses, security training (COA), leadership and customer service skills.

Our tutors are flexible and travel to smaller organisations to deliver personal training.


Individual Units


Provide customer service: This unit standard is for people entering, or employed in, the service sector who wish to build their customer service skills. People credited with this unit standard are able to: describe customer service; provide customer service; and respond to a customer complaint.


Contribute within a team or group which has an objective Level 3 Credits 3


Demonstrate and apply knowledge of communication process theory Level 3 Credits 5

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